The Shopology Story

Shopology began as an idea by Sarah and Sally to help several small businesses  (including their own) to give retail a go by sharing in a lease.  It started at the end of 2016, as a pop-up in the Christchurch Re-Start mall, which was a very popular area after the Christchurch earthquakes.  They started with 11 designers sharing a temporary space just before Christmas and it was a really successful.  The focus was on bringing locally made items to the Christchurch public.

After the Re-start mall shut down, they searched for ages to find another suitable spot, which was hard in the ever-changing environment of the re-emerging Christchurch.  A  space was chosen in the beautiful historic Arts Centre and traded there for 2 successful years.  

Shopology Arts Centre Store


In October 2019, they moved again, this time to the very cool Riverside market in Central Christchurch.  They created a beautiful team of staff and have grown to have many more suppliers and a very successful shop for locals and tourists alike. As always, the focus remains on unique authentic products with a great story behind them.