What is Shopology?

Shoplogy showcases a curated selection of fantastic New Zealand makers and brands to be browsed, touched, tried and bought. For many of our stockists, our space provides an important point of contact with customers in person - something that can be a challenge for emerging or remote businesses.   For our customers, the end result is a creative collective of homegrown products to be explored including jewellery, locally made fashion, artisan food products, books, ceramics, gardening accessories, art and photography, homeware and more.

Shopology is an exciting opportunity for creative New Zealanders to sell and market their own products and have control in a shared leased space retail environment.

► We offer a retail leasing opportunity to take small businesses to the next level, with minimum risk and without huge capital outlay. Leased spaces (per sq mt) at realistic market prices and 85% sales return.

► Shopology stocks and sells a unique collection of high quality products sourced locally and nationally with a high portion made in NZ. (Fashion, interiors, gifts, art, furniture, stationery, tourist gifts, packaged food etc)

► Located in the NEWLY renovated Christchurch Arts Centre with a modern open plan atmosphere. Friendly, skilled staff are 100% invested in selling your product.

► Marketing, social media and promotions  help sell and give each brand extra exposure.

Shopology is a New Zealand owned and operated business.

OPENING HOURS: 10am-5pm Everyday

Shopology - New Zealand brands and makers at the Christchurch Arts Centre

Shopology - New Zealand brands and makers at the Christchurch Arts Centre


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