Almonte Rug


Almonte Rug available exclusive shopology, Christchurch CBD.

Hand-woven, loom-knotted design
70% Bamboo Silk and 30% Wool
Suitable for bedrooms and low-traffic areas
2m x 3m and 1.6m x 2.3
Ethically handmade in partnership with Care and Fair

The Almonte rug is super thick, soft, and luxurious. It features a sophisticated hand-woven loom knotted design with a lustrous patina, and is best suited to low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms.

Made from 70% Bamboo Silk and 30% Wool, Almonte features a full woven cotton backing and braided cotton edging for improved longevity and wear.

Created by craftsmen using artisan skills, all rugs are individually handmade. As a result, rugs can vary by 5% from the size ordered.

Sizes 1.8m / 2.3m or 2m / 3m