NZ Blanket - Block Navy Blue and White Check


Carpies Check.  Buy this beautiful Blue and White soft block blanket is made from 100% soft pure lambs wool, grown, spun and woven entirely in New Zealand.

Perfect as a comforter for a double or queen bed, a throw on the sofa or to keep warm in the car as a travel rug.

100% natural lambs wool, quality, sustainable, ethical and traceable to the NZ farm.

Shopology has an extensive collection of blankets and throws to choose from in store and online. We love to support New Zealand farmers and natural fibres.

Made from incredibly fine, luxuriously soft lambs wool grown at Ruanui Station in the Central North Island of New Zealand. Station, connecting the beautiful final product back to the stunning land 

Care for the throw by dry-cleaning it, as this is the safest and gentlest option. Alternatively, you can hand wash it with a wool-safe detergent.

  • Block Check Pattern
  • 150cm x 180cm
  • 100% Pure Lambs Wool
  • 100% NZ Made Product
  • Sustainable, Ethical and traceable