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Cleaning Bottles


You never need to buy and throw out plastic spray bottles again!!  Buy these bottles 
(in conjunction with the tablets) to mix your own:

- All Purpose Cleaner

- Kitchen Cleaner

- Bathroom Cleaner

Here’s how to prepare your cleaner:

  1. Open the tablet sachet
  2. Drop the tablet in the bottle
  3. Add warm water
  4. Leave the spray top off the bottle for 10minutes while the tablet dissolves.

 Once the tablet has completely dissolved, screw on the spray top and you’re good to go!

Things to love the NEW Good Change Spray Range:

  • Zero Waste
  • Custom Made Designer glass ‘Bottle for Good’ with a silicone tray to protect on hard surfaces
  • No carbon footprint in the carriage of water
  • Packed with NZ botanicals and Essential Oils
  • A natural bench spray that actually works


Note: this is for the bottle only - please purchase the tablets too!

Cleaning Bottles