Meals in Steel Snack Box

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This little steel snack box is great for holding cut fruit, nuts and seeds, biscuits and snacks, aswell as handy craft items like needles and threads, fishing ties and hooks or matches.

Snack Box measures: 100mmx60mmx35mm

- Plastic Free

- Non-Toxic

- Dishwasher Safe

- Freezer Safe


The Meals in Steel Story:

Looking back to our school years in India, we used metal containers for all our purposes.  These included the school bag, the pencil box and the lunch box, all metal.  These remained with us until we finished our school journey.  They proved to be a system of sustainability right up until our leaving.

Then plastic was introduced.  It was lighter, more attractive, and provided more options, but at what cost?  Certainly, it was cheaper, but kept on breaking and had to be replaced most years.  And what of its environmental impact and the dangers of its use to health?  There was no such concept of these things when it was first introduced.

We decided to heed the lessons of our past.  We were certain that providing things that are recyclable, durable and sustainable are the way forward.  So we decided to bring this concept to New Zealand so that we can do our part to protect our land and marine environments by keeping them free of plastic.