The Great New Zealand Wrapping Paper Books

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We have 3 Wrapping Paper books available.  These make great gifts!:

- NZ in Bloom showcases the breathtaking work of New Zealand artist Stacey Weaver. Her dreamy, romantic style adapts perfectly to gift wrap. 

This book was put together with both new and existing photographic works. 

The Celebration Edition has 10 different wraps for 10 different occasions. Whether you need a wrap for a child, friend, love, father or friend overseas, these books have you covered! 

- The NZ Nature edition is an ode to the country we are all proud to call home. Inside this edition you'll find 10 large sheets of wrapping paper by 10 NZ Artists, each very different in their execution, but all very Kiwi in their own way. 


Each Artwork is folded down to A4 size to fit in the book, each sheet folds out to 820 x 545mm. There are 10 sheets inside each book.