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Ella Knit Skirt - EcoTree


The Ella Skirt available shopology Christchurch, CBD.

Introducing the Ella Knit Skirt, made to pair with your EcoTree™ knits. Crafted from breathable TENCEL™, merino, and ultrafine possum, it will keep you cosily cocooned in luxury. Featuring a wide waistband, it's all about style and luxury. It's the most comfortable skirt to wear, glides  so nicely over your hips. Looks amazing with any of the EcoTree Knits.

If you're wearing me with dark colours you may notice some shedding. As I'm a natural fibre, this is to be expected and will improve with age.

60% Tencel (sustainable Eucalyptus tree), 25& Merino, 15% Superfine Possum.