Koa Organics

Kawakawa Healing Balm


Kawakawa Healing Balm available shopology Christchurch, CBD.

Kawakawa Balm is a multi-purpose natural skin saviour. It's an amazing natural product for dry, irritated and eczema-prone skin.

Ethically made of New Zealand Kawakawa leaf harvested from New Zealand's native forest and infused in the highest quality organic oils over many hours, to draw out the amazing properties that will work wonders on your skin.


Kawakawa balm uses

Native NZ Kawakawa has been used for centuries for its amazing properties, and is proven effective for sensitive or irritated skin.

Kawakawa balm is great for: Dry skin, nappy rash, cracked nipples. bee stings, insect bites, hives & rashes, scrapes and grazes, chapped lips, bruises & burns

An intensive night time moisturizer

Koa Organics is 100% natural with no use of water so its free from irritating toxins and harmful chemicals. The heavy dose of organic Sweet Almond Oil helps to prevent itching and provides a barrier of lovely natural oil between layers of dry skin to help prevent scratching and further outbreaks - great for kids!