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Lyttelton Lights Candles


Lyttelton Lights is an artisan producer of luxury scented candles, handcrafted with care from all natural ingredients.

Their story begins in Lyttelton, New Zealand. After sourcing the right ingredients and trialling a few recipes on the stovetop at their Lyttelton home the very first batch was created and sold at market. What they thought might be a one-off turned out to be a quality product in demand, and can now be found in many New Zealand homes offering a timeless aesthetic to their space. 

Their beginnings may have been humble but the product has always been of the highest quality. With passion and dedication, Lyttelton Lights have developed and grown the brand, elevating the look and design to truly reflect the luxury product it is. They do not compromise on quality ingredients and pride themselves on creating every candle by hand to deliver something that brings a little pleasure and luxury to every day.


Burn Time: 22 hours

Weight: 140g

Price: $26.99.


Burn Time: 65 hours

Weight: 715g

Price: $69.00


Burn Time: 90 hours

Weight: 810G

Price: $89.00

L - $89.00

Lyttelton Lights Candles