Pearson and Brown Scarves

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Pearson&Brown captures the unique beauty of New Zealand in this collection of Limited Edition silk scarves, so that you can have your own piece of our beautiful country.  P&B was born out of experiencing the devastating Canterbury earthquakes.  It made them really take notice of our beautiful natural environment and to appreciate what had perviously been taken for granted.

Each scarf has a photo printed on it which has been taken around the region, capturing the beautiful colours and images of different scenes, seasons and experiences.

Alpine Garden - gorgeous succulents and winter plants in a high altitude setting give this scarf a gorgeous array of greens.

Rose - a deep rich maroon hue is the dominant colour in this gorgeous square rose design.

Gloucester - This "munted" Gloucester Street sign was discovered amongst recycling debris.  It is representative of the mangled mess that once was our central city; however if you venture down Gloucester Street now, it is a hub of activity. Demolition is a thing of the past with rebuilding and rejuvenation happening in abundance

I'll Kiss It Better - These grafitti sticking plasters with the "I'll kiss it Better" speech bubbles became a symbol of glee and hope.  They began to pop up in places where you least expected to see them!  Knox Presbyterian Church on Bealey Avenue had the most visible version but we found this one on Welles Street.

Red Door - USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams decended on Christchurch from all over the world.  As each building was assessed, a spray painted USAR symbol appeared.  At the right of the RED DOOR the square box tells us that a team from Singapore (SGP) searched the offices of Aesthetics Lighting on 25/2/11 at 23.05.  The red circle sprayed around the box means the search has been completed and the red line through the middle states that the entire building has been given the All Clear.  

Verdigris - Verdigris is the common name for the natural patina formed with copper, brass or bronze is weathered and exposed to air or seawater over a period fo time.  Verdigris acts as a patina to protect the object as seen here on this old copper, creating a moon scape far more beautiful and interested than when in it's original pristine state.

Filigree - Filigree is a delicate decorative type of metalwork, suggestive of lace.  This lantern left outside has the beginnings of a new life in the form of lichen starting to grow on it's intricate detailing, creating another layer of unexpected beauty.

Morris -