Koa Organics

Winter Mag Rub


Specially blended and 100% natural for cough, cold and sinus relief

This effective magnesium butter is a must-have to combat sinus, respiratory, and muscle woes this winter. Enjoy the incredible relaxation magnesium brings with the added support of clearing congestion so you can breathe easily this winter.
Soothe your sinuses and your mind with Winter Mag Rub - a natural alternative to replace your usual chest rub!

100% Natural Ingredients - Made in Rotorua, NZ

*Certified Biogrow Organic

Shea Butter*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Magnesium Oil, Jojoba Oil*, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Menthol, Essential Oils of Eucalyptus*, Tea Tree*, Peppermint* and Chamomile